StereoVision Imaging, Inc.
sees 3D real world data as a rich stream of naturally encoded statistics that can quickly resolve a face in the crowd in complex conditions and situations.

Our patented technology captures imagery in 3D space and extracts faces in 2D for real time comparison by your face recognition tool and biometric, parametric data base to yield a high confidence objective identification. As an add-on enhancement utility to your existing fixed camera security checkpoint application and/or adding, as a “plug ‘n play” option, outdoor mobile on-demand facial identification capabilities through hand-held binoculars, our novel photometric normalization and segmentation preprocessor is a solution to fundamental facial recognition performance challenges in uncontrolled environments and identification at range.

Let us improve and add 3D capabilities to your existing 2D system today !


Applications include but not limited to:

  • Security Access Checkpoints: Improve performance significantly over existing 2D systems.
  • VIP security: Watch list for public venues incorporates terroristic threat and other perpetrators in the region.
  • Undercover Mobile Surveillance Task Forces: Is this the guy on our Top 10 list? Who are our persons of interest associating with? Build the interrelationship profile to enable the broader investigation.
  • Situational Awareness: One investigative cell overlaps a person from an another investigative cell. Send alert.
  February 4th, 2013 -  SVI in the NEWS via WIRED magazine More >>  
  December 18th, 2012 - StereoVision Imaging, Inc. demonstrated its second generation Wireless 3DMobileID™ Face Recognition Binocular System successfully to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies up to 65 meters from point of use.
More >>
  April 24, 2012 – StereoVision Imaging, Inc. selected as one of the 2012 Information Technology/Information Dominance Venture Roundtable Winners (IT/ID VRT) through CONNECT to assist in the commercialization of 3DMobileID™ Face Recognition Binocular System Technology and 3DCapture™ Software Development Kit (SDK)
More >>
  March 1st, 2012 – StereoVision Imaging, Inc. awarded a DoD contract supporting DoD’s Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative (DPSI) through San Diego State’s Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology (CCAT). More >>  
  October 1st, 2011 – StereoVision Imaging, Inc. awarded continuation funding from DoJ’s National Institute of Justice. Funding will provide continual development and improvement to SVI’s 3DMobileID™ face enhancement technology. More >>  
  September 20th, 2011 – StereoVision Imaging, Inc. technology to be showcased, amongst other biometric technologies, at the Biometric Consortium Conference in Tampa Bay, FL September 27th –29th. More >>  
  May 12th, 2011 – StereoVision Imaging, Inc. (SVI), as a special invite, will present and perform product technology demonstrations of its developing 3D Mobile ID face recognition technology at the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 2011 Conference June 20-22, 2011 in Arlington, VA. More >>  
  April 6th, 2011 - StereoVision Imaging, Inc. has been invited to present its 3D Mobile ID face recognition technology to the National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ) Biometric Technical Working Group (TWG) in Arlington, VA May 2cd – 4th, 2011 hosted by NIJ’s Center of Excellence.  More >>  
  December 14th, 2010 - For immediate release. StereoVision Imaging, Inc.’c 3D Facial recognition binocular gets two thumbs up for individual identification to 100 meters from local law enforcement and U.S. Department of Justice. More >>  
  September 3rd 2010 - StereoVision Imaging, Inc. awarded second contract with the U.S. Department of Justice to extend range & Accuracy of its developing 3D Mobile ID technology. More >>  
  Los Angeles, CA – May 7th, 2010: StereoVision Imaging, Inc. has been selected and shall attend the National Institute of Justice 2010 Conference in Arlington, VA. More >>  
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